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Agendus Standard Edition for Windows Mobile Standard (aka Smartphone) FREE

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As part of their 'Free App Friday' promotion, Handango (with a funky new logo) are offering Agendius Standard Edition for Windows Mobile Standard (aka Smartphone) FREE for today only!

Full details of Agendus Standard Edition - which normally retails for $19.95 - can be found at the Iambic site, and you can grab your free copy from the 'Free App Friday' page.

Product highlights:

Performance and Productivity You're Looking For

Agendus for Windows Mobile is designed to help you get the most out of your Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition companion (this includes models such at the Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, T-Mobile Dash, and a variety of others). Here’s a run-down of some of the many features that help make an Agendus-empowered Smartphone an awesome, proactive personal assistant:

» Contacts

Thinking beyond the address book, Agendus for Windows Mobile not only captures key information about your contact (including photos, birthday, and communication history) it also makes it easy to interact/communicate with the contact (invite to meetings, assign To Dos, etc.). And maneuvering through the address book is simplified by Agendus’ advanced searching and sorting capabilities.

» Calendar

Agendus for Windows Mobile optimizes to how you go about scheduling your life. From a single-screen, with a numerous View options (Day, Week, Month), you can easily schedule meetings, create (and track) tasks (AKA To Do items), write memos, create contacts, and check email.

» Tasks

Agendus makes your list of To Dos seem less daunting. It has many features for helping you prioritize action items and even prompts you (via built-in alarms) to make sure you don’t miss deadlines. You can assign categories, icons and pictures for a quick visual overview of your tasks. Don’t worry if your To Do list has gotten a bit long, with Agendus you have the capability to search for a task (via keyword search) or filter by category, due date, priority, or contact.

» Tools

Agendus helps you optimize your time by simplifying the steps necessary to enter, view and search for data. For example, moving items from one day to another on the calendar can be done by just dragging and dropping (no need to reenter text). The customization options (icons, color, fonts and photos) go a long way towards helping you make your Smartphone personal assistant truly personal! Plus, Agendus has many navigation features (one-handed operation, PowerSearch, press & hold launch) that really save time and encourage frequent use (why put off tomorrow what you can do today—this very minute!).

» Data Sync

Agendus for Windows Mobile uses the same core data source as Pocket Outlook. And it works directly with ActiveSync and Exchange Server ActiveSync, so synchronization with your desktop/notebook computer is seamless.

» Wireless

Agendus uses your Smartphone device's wireless capabilities to offer over-the-air (OTA) features such as getting product updates on-the-fly.

Enjoy! ;)


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