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HTC Audio Manager - New Version on Touch Dual

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So there is a new version of the HTC Audio Manager on the Dual. And apparently this one not only now sorts the songs correctly (track number order), but also has some audio enhancements by way of an equalizer & presets.

This fixes the problems that I had with the original version. So, is it possible to replace/upgrade the Audio Manager on the original Touch with this one? Anyone sourced the necessary files?

Also, I assume that it still doesn't display album art?



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Even though I did find newer versions (over at xda-developers), none had the equalizer, etc. I think that they did sort songs correctly though.

I have found an HTC headphone equalizer, but this is a separate app. I haven't yet tried having both installed to see if the audio manager recognises it's there and thus gives the sound options. However, this is probably very unlikely.

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