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How do I calibrate a NEW m3100 screen?

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Thanks to the wisdom of members in this forum (and others) I felt able to attempt the replacement of my broken m3100 LCD screen. Bought a new screen off ebay for £23 (same part no.) and managed to to put everything back together without having anything left over. Restarted the phone and the screen works perfectly. Hooray! :D

The digitizer is however way off and the stylus draws about 2 inches above where it actually is on the screen. Boo! :D

After a hard re boot I returned to the windows welcome screen but can't get past the screen alignment cycle- it just repeats. :D

I have taken the phone apart again, cleaned it and even managed to boot up without the screen being in the casing and same problem existed (ie the case isn't interfering with the screen). I did remove the welcome.lnk file to skip the screen align page but it doesn't really solve the underlying calibration problem.

Running out of ideas as to how to recalibrate the digitizer and about to be barred from Google for overuse of their search engine!..... Any thoughts?

Dave (Falling at the final hurdle?) :(

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Have you tried running the screen alignment program from settings->Syste->Screen?

Failing that, try just holding it 2" further down? lol

Good luck.

Aye, very good :( - Now have a half 1 cm writing area!

Did try the system->screen option but it cycles indefinitely too. There must be a numerical system variable for the settings somewhere but where.............................................?

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Update- Sent the new screen back to China because of the digitizer problem and cut my losses by taking up an offer with Orange to have phone replace for £100 and take up Orange Care plan.

I failed!

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