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Horrible Battery life

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Just got the Q9h a couple days ago. I bought it used from the bay. It only came with an extended battery and micro-mini adapter. I charged it with my computer via mini-usb cable until it said the battery was full. It lasted just under 12 hours with light use. It completely died and it fails to charge via USB cable. I have to go buy a usb charger i guess :(

~5 emails (no attachments)

~5 text messages

~20min of GPS use

~15min of 3G internet use

~25min Talk time

Any ideas?

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Sounds like you could use a new battery. Perhaps the factory battery was defected. If the usage you posted is truly accurate, 12 hours is ridiculous. However, with a lot of GPS usage, you should expect to have to charge even the extended battery every 24 hours just to ensure that it doesn't go out on you.

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