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Hotmail\Windows Live on Touch Dual

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How do!

I appreciate this is probably more of a WM6 question...but, I am having great difficulty finding info on how to have my Hotmail emails 'pushed' through to my HTC Touch Dual. (I can access them through Pocket IE obviously).

Ideally, I'd like them to be automatically retrieved and display via HTC Home - as my Google Mails are.

I had the same problem with WM5 on my MDA Compact III, but never got round to finding out how it can be done.

Do I need to upgrade my Hotmail account to a premium account to take off the restriction that MS place on it (or similar)? I'm happy to pay for it, but would prefer not to have another program to do it (I tried Pocket MSN on my MDA III, but only Messenger worked).

I've read that Windows Live apps come as standard on some HTC Touch Duals/WM6 devices - but not on my Orange UK one.

Also, is there any way I can change my home/today screen 'soft keys' - default showing "Calendar" and "Contacts". On WM5 is was possible under "Settings>Soft Key".

Any advice would be great!

Many thanks.

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Hotmail emails can be pushed to an HTC device, however you will need to install Windows Live Messenger.

Then just follow this guide...

You can change the soft keys using this softkey changer

Good luck!


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thanks for the guide, when I follow the links it prompts me for a username and password for the cinetsystems server, where do I get that as my Modaco logon isn't working

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