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heellllp! I have just recieved a new XDA graphite with WM6. Nice phone but I have inadvertently locked the device when trying to set a password to prevent others using it. It is not the sim locked but the phone as I can use the sim on my old phone. I have phoned O2 and got the PUK code but this isn't the answer. When i try to unlock it it goes to a countdown timer which is (after many attempts) running from 8 plus minutes and not letting me unlock the phone as it "greys out" the unlock key until the timer reaches zero

extremely frustrated


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if you hold the joystick up when powering on then you can hard-reset the phone

daveo has not replied to your suggestion, so can this hard reset be done when a phone is locked as described? If it can, would this not negate the whole purpose of locking the phone in the first place?

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