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fixxing mpx200 wm5 error messages data connection.

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I have a Mpx200 wm5 OS. I upgraded and missed the MMS. So I installed Arcsoft MMS Clinet but was unabel to connect due to the phones settings. After trying countless connection settings I finaly got it to work by folling these instructions:

  1. Go to start->setup->connections->gprs->add:
    • description - TMobile GPRS
    • connects to: the internet
    • access point: wap.voicestream.com

[*]Go to start->setup->connections->gprs->add:

  • description -TMobile WAP
  • connects to: WAP network
  • access point: wap.voicestream.com

  • Go to start->setup->connections->proxy->add:
    • description - T-Zones WAP Proxy
    • connects from: the internet
    • connects to: wap network
    • name/port:
    • type: HTTP

    [*]Configure MMS: Go to start->messaging->MMS->Menu->Options->Account Options->MMS->-MMSC Settings:

    [*]Edit the sample MMSC item

    [*]Name: Tmobile MMSC

    [*]MMSC URL:

    [*]WAP Gateway:

    [*]Port: 9201

    The only problem now is that every 20 minutes the phone beeps and displays this error message. (Your Internet connection is not configured properly. Please verify your settings in Data Connections)

    I am able to send messages GREAT and have no Sync issues or any for that matter. Is there a regi fix or somthing I can do to stop this Error message???? Thank you in advance.

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