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LandRover Bluetooth and Hermes

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Please help I have spent two hours trying to connect a M3100, Tytn II and a Touch to a land rover free lander bluetooth car kit.

Eventually the touch connected but no joy for Tytn or M3100.

Anyone else had the same problem?

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The landrover handfree kit is a joint venture with Nokia. If you look at the Landrover web site you can down load the offical list of supported phones. This is a extensive list but by no means complete. It does show a lack of general support for any Windows Mobile based handsets.

That said you may want to check out Jetware software at http://www.jetwaremobile.com/index.htm. This solves a number of issues with a number of different handsets and car kits. They do give a 30 day trial but then you do have to pay to use the software.

Hope this helps.

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Are they all WM6 devices, (have you upgraded the M3100 to WM6)? If so it's quite probable that the handsfree kit is not compatible with WM6. I've got the same problem with my Citroen C4 factory fitted kit - it works OK with WM5, but not with WM6, (I upgraded my M3100 to WM6 then rolled back due to this issue). My Citroen dealer tells me it's a known fault and they're working on an upgrade. Probably worth speaking to your dealer about it to see if they know if the issue.

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