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Web mail with text alerts

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The company I work for is currently on Orange and one of the features a couple of us use are the free text alerts from our orange web mail accounts. Do T-mobile offer this service?

The reason I ask is a third party reseller is offering our FD more minutes for less money and a chunk of cash back in 6 months. Our FD is tempted, and I don't trust a third party reseller not to answer all my questions with a "yes" to get the business.

I have to admit that as long as I can keep my number I'm not overly bothered except, I think 24 month contracts are a mistake and T-Mob don't have a phone I want (I am not saying they have a bad range, nobody has the phone I want). I currently use a M5000 and there is nothing to replace it with... I am waiting for the Omni.



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