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Invader Santa Zim

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File Name: Invader Santa Zim

File Submitter: Loki4

File Submitted: 11 Dec 2007

File Updated: 13 Dec 2007

File Category: QVGA Others

Simple home screen featuring the famous alien invader in full Santa gear. Hooo-Hooo-Hooo!!!!

The picture was taken from here: http://www.roomwithamoose.com/

If you want sound files, (in WAV format) you should go here: http://www.siberkat.com/zimdex.html

You may have to convert them to MP3 on certain phone models.

Happy Holidays...of DOOOM!!!!!!!!! :(

12/13/2007 update: The appointment notice was "slightly off". I corrected it. Now enjoy the Merry Ho-Ho's homescreen of DOOOMM!!!!

Click here to download this file

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