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HTC Touch Earpiece problem

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Last few days i seems to have a problem with my earpiece. When im calling someone i cant hear them but they can hear me. Sometimes i can hear them for a while or a full call.

I called my voicemail and turned on the speakerphone, then i can hear everything. Turn it off and nothing.

Today someone called me and i spoke on the phone for 1 hour, no problem. Later a friend called and we talked for a few minutes and then suddenly i lost his voice and had to turn on speakerphone in order to hear anything.

I called support and they said to do a hardware reset first and if that dont work i have to send the phone for repair.

I think the earpiece might be broken. Can any sw have done this? Nothing installed last weeks though.

Would be great to find out if someone had similar problems and what they did.



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