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Change which programs are launched by the app keys...

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Using a registry editor goto:

HKCU\Control Panel\Keybd

Under that key there are strings that read:

APP1_Path, APP2_Path etc...

Change the shortcut these point to to change the aplication that is launched when pressed.

Default Configurations:

APP1: Messaging Button

APP2: Media Button

APP3: Internet Button

APP4: Calendar Button

APP5: Contacts Button

APP6: ????? (There is a key here with nothing defined...dont know which button it refers to)

Now for more poking around. Still love the Q9h!

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No Dice! I even tried to create a path for the contacts button LongPress but had no luck. I couldn't figure out what APP6 is either.

Anybody know where to find device specific registry guides? You would think they would exist for ap developers.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

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Hi SpartanRob! Enjoying your new phone?! :)

Last I checked with the Q, I could only get the app buttons to change per first post. No luck with the rocker buttons, but maybe you can peek around the registry and findo something new out!

Good Luck with the phone.

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