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Moto Q9h--WM6 Apps aren't working

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I'm new to this forum and not as savvy as some of you all seem to be with downloading and changing your device. I tried to download the Spb Pocket Plus and it says "Does not support Pocket PC devices only WM 5 or 6." Well what the?? Moto q9h is WM6. Does anyone know why it says that? Why it won't download?

Also . . . where and more so, how can I get my today screen and start menu to be more attractive? This phone's menus are so ugly I almost want to go back to my Treo where I have more options to make it pretty much easier. . . . arrrrrgh.

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I don't think this is for pro but for standard. And why is it reading my phone as a pocket pc? it's not a pocket pc?


You need WM6 Standard apps, not professional :(


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