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gpcarreon (MVP)

ZTA4 Text Input for ASUS P525

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Hi folks. Thought this might help others...

Some personal observations regarding the default T9

I find it difficult to use the default T9 of ASUS P525. Not only does it make texting pain in the betlog, the keypad is also useless in PIE input fields since ASUS' T9 only works on text controls that support IME input. Check reply #45 here http://www.modaco.com/content-page/247687/Asus-P525/page/40/

Scenario 1: With T9 as input method, try shifting to 'abc' then key in sample words. You'll get numbers instead of letters!


Scenario 2: Problem when composing an SMS: it shifts to T9 (from abc) even if you just move cursor from the message field to the recepient's field. It does not retain 'abc' option. :(


Good news!

There's this cool text input program named ZTA4 Text Input that works well on P525. The program's main interface is in Chinese language but you could easily configure A4 for use with English system. You'll only have to go through the config process once as A4 settings are retained even after a normal power cycle (it is able to survive a soft reset/ device restart).


ZT A4's Chinese info:


and the translated page c/o of Babel Fish Translation:


Webpage screengrab just in case the Babel Fish URL fails to open (click image for a larger view)


Goodbye hellish T9. Welcome A4!

Below are some tips to make A4 your default input method. I have only tried this on my ~1 month old P525 with the below system information. I have no idea if the version of A4 discussed here will also work on older/ newer ASUS P525 firmware.


1. Folks at ASUSTek have provided a T9 Enable / Disable Utility. You have to disable the default T9 using this utility to make sure that the A4 hot key (*) will not have 'launch' conflict with the crappy T9 (if both are enabled). Remember to reset device in order for changes to take effect.


2. Download this RAR file. There are two CABs inside (ZTA4_v2.0.15_ASUS.P525.CAB, A4wwe.CAB). Install to device not on the mini-SD. Click 'Yes' to proceed.


3. After a soft reset, open Messaging then try composing a new SMS message. You will notice that the default option (character) is still in Chinese. In order to use English characters, you still have to press on the * key.


4. While the blinking cursor is at the message field, press hard on the # key until you see the menu popup. Tap the last entry.


5. Tap the last entry once again...


...you will then be presented with this window. I think this tells us which option to de-activate (I don't understand Chinese. The square characters from the screenshots all look the same regardless of the PPC screen orientation. :D I got this working using trial and error)


6. Check on entries 1, 2, 3 and 6 then confirm (left soft key)


7. Press and hold * key for some options (Chinese option and numbers gone). Choose from either 'abc' (capitalize first letter in a sentence) or 'ABC' (all capital letters) option.


8. Proceed with typing sample words using your keypad! No more annoying T9 word/ letter suggestions. ZTA4 makes P525 ideal for one-hand text inputing via the hardware keypad. Feels like the good 'ole Smartphone way of texting.


Tap the 'A4' icon to fire up the soft input panel (screenshots using 'grey' skin). Note to self: The word 'skin' could be equivalent to just 2 square characters. God, I wanna learn Chinese! J/K. :D


Using WM6 skin


Finally, try using your P525's keypad on Pocket Internet Explorer input fields. Press * key to toggle 'ab' <-> 'AB'. B)


Note: The PW field (Y! for instance) requires password to be entered via the SIP.

I believe that there is some sort of 'copy-paste' function, go to end of line function and custom smileys you can use and configure (check the INI file). I hope friends who understand Chinese would help translate ZTA4 interface to English for more user-friendliness. :D

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Thanks P. :D

Some more info

While there isn't an English version out (yet), below screenshot serves as a guide to the extra functions I've mentioned in the previous post. Am not sure if I guessed the functions right tho. :(


You activate the menu by pressing hard on the # key while on an edit box/ input field.


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i try to install at my asus p525 but it not success .. it say unsuccessful.i try follow the introduction but still same. can u help me

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