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Word of warning - Orange Touch dual

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Ok, I may be the first for this to happen. Yesterday, my shiny touch dual would not send or receive calls properly. I had to soft reboot the phone for it to work. However, on the third reboot it would not boot beyond the spalsh screen. Ok i thought, i will do a hard reset. Nothing, still the same. It stuck on the boot screen. Tried a couple of times, nothing.

So i phoned Orange support. They were very helpful and quick diagnosing that the thing was actually dead. Now is this a one off or is it a warning of things to come? My replacement arrives this morning. Hope i have better luck with this one!


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I'm on my second (Orange) Touch Dual. The first one started making 'static' sounds/noise whenever I made/received a call.

However, my new one has been perfect (touch wood!).

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