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WM5 / 2003 SE Emulation

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Hey guys,

I posted an add becuase a lot of the emulators available for our blackjacks running WM5.0 and 2003SE were running unstable or did not funtion at all. I have scoured the internet and merged two version of certain emulators and found a DLL in which we need to have these EMUs funtion proerly. I currently have Genesiss / MD running in FULL SCREEN stable with Sound. SNES and NES running stable with sound. Each EMU is fast, sometimes they lag, but hey its emulation. I am working on Playstation 1 and trying to locate an N64 but I don't think its going to work.

Here are the EMUs. If you have WM6 / BLackjack II please test these for me to see if they work.






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