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Replace TouchScreen

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I need to replace only the Touch Screen on my Prophet.

I have bought a replacement Touch Screen and opened my case fully to reveal TFT/Tocuch Screen part.

I was disappointed to note that I will need to do some soldering, but worse, I noticed that the TFT and Touch Screen were stuck together. What do I do? Is is a case of being forceful and pulling it apart?!

Would be great if anyone could give me some support!


Thank you,


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Did you solve This? I have the same problem. I bought a LCD replacement and anfter dissasenmbly i realize that this part was in perfect shape. The problem is a very thin film that feels like platic at the top. I take out that film and try to sepparate the LCD

and it was scarry...

This is what i bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290226792247

I also realize as you that I have to do some solderind so I went back and reassembly my prophet.

2 questions: is there any site that explains how LCD Touchscreens works?

Is there any dissasembly site, pictures or movie with details?

I foun very easy to dissasembly this device but the LCD scrren is not workong afer reassembly. Something is wrong and I don´t know what it is.

Please give me some help.

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Same problem I had. I bought the "touch screen" only and there is a soldering (not easy at all) of a flex with 4 terminals to be done. I try to solder it but it wasimpossible (amateur) .So i forget about it and I order anothe COMPLETE LCD (45U$ at e-bay) and problem solved. 45U$ vs 9 U$....

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