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How can I open and clean QTEK 8500?

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Hi guys!

I have a serious problem with my mob! Here's the story:

Last night I was at a pub and accidentally a glass of Stella Artois was spilled over my Qtek 8500 (which I own since September)! :(

After wiping it with tissues, I removed the battery and let it dry for a few hours.

Then I put the battery back, charged it (because the battery was low anyway) and turned it on.

And that's when the problems came up. The 6 and 7 buttons weren't functioning initially but later they recovered and they are ok now.

The external screen wasnt working also, but after changing its settings, it worked too.

However some problems remain even after 24 hours. I think some of the external keys short-circuit in some way (probably because of the beer) and act like being constantly pressed. As of that, when the flip-cover is closed, Media Player starts running and plays music, and when it's open the camera application starts and literally "eats" the battery. The problem seems to be with the Play/Pause and with the Camera buttons.

I tried to change settings or something, but none worked. The only improvement is that i set the phone to lock automatically when i close the cover, so that music doesnt play, but it stills empties the battery very fast, because the external screen turns on and off all the time...

I believe that all that is needed is some cleaning in the inside.

Any ideas on how to open this mob?

It's very thin and delicate and I dont want to try without any guidance...

Any other suggestions are welcome too!...

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Look at the top post. how to dissasembly your startrek. Looks like a good guide for me.

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