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12# symbol on Touch Dual?

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Hello there,

I've finally got home & opened my lovely new shiny Touch Dual today all very exciting.

One wierd thing at the mo I cant find any details on in the manual...

On the stutus bar the icon normally used for sms / missed call alerts ( to the left of the connection icon currently showing 3G) I have 12# with an underline.

Just wondered if anyone knew what it represents since I cant find mention of it in the user manual?

Also while I'm bending your provebial ear is the power switch the only way to wakeup after it has set itself to standby?


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Have you got a screenshot? Wouldn't it be better to post in the Niki (Touch Dual) forum rather than the Elf (Touch) forum?

Yes I guess so I wasn't aware there was a Dual forum thanks for the info... I've been coming direct to this 1 for the last 6 months.

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