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Trinity GPS

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I am curently using S200 (Prophet) with BT GPS reciver (mostly TomTom).

I am very satisfied with performance.

Now I am considering to change to Trinity but my questions is:

How good or bad is built-in GPS reciver?

If you use TomTom how is it working?

I have read that sometimes it takes long (too long) to get fix.

Plz, share your expiriences here.


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I used to use a BT GPS receiver and bluetooth it to my Vario II. While the Trinity's internal GPS is not as quick as the external one was, it is just as quick as stand-alone TomTom units that I've seen friends use in their car.

It rarely takes more than a couple of minutes to get a lock - sometimes more if you're moving quickly when you start TomTom.


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Tnx guys!

One more question:

If you used Tomtom how is the accuracy?

Cause I have problem with one GPS reciver (HOLOX BT-541) there is Tomtom 20 meter behind.

If you take turn into new street it takes a 4-5 seconds to show that on display.

With other GPS everything is runing smoothly.

tnx in advance

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You can fix faster with this cab joined.

It's loading a file "packedEphemeris.ee" in Windows directory via internet, so you have to be connected (via ActivSync or Wifi or GPRS).

This file helps GPS Ship to fix faster. Some guys on net tells that it's not improve fix but I have tested and it's working for me (60s for fix with updated file vs 120s without this file !).

Notes: I'm using Igo8 and Tomtom but tests with "Efficasoft GPS Utilities"

Sorry for English, I'm French "Ch'ti" ;o)




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