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New Application: Pantech Duo Slide to Talk (DuoSTT)

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Introducing... Duo Slide to Talk (DuoSTT) by Greg Friedman.

DuoSTT is a utility written for the Pantech Duo (Pantech C810) mobile phone sold by AT&T. The Pantech Duo has two sliding keyboards - a numeric keyboard which slides vertically, and an alpha-numeric keyboard which slides horizontally. Surprisingly, and contrary to what most users expect, sliding the numeric keyboard open when a voice call is coming in does not cause the incoming call to be answered. Similarly, closing the slider while a call is in progress does not cause the call to be terminated.

Enter Duo Slide to Talk (DuoSTT).

When DuoSTT is active on a Pantech Duo, opening the slider when a call is coming in causes the call to be answered, and closing the slider causes active calls to be terminated.

Pictured here is the DuoSTT user interface. DuoSTT can be configured to answer and hang up when the numeric slider is opened or closed. DuoSTT can also be configured to not terminate active calls if when a headset, speakerphone, or a carkit are active. This enables users to answer calls by opening the slider, transfer active calls to a headset or carkit, and then close the slider without causing the active call to terminate.

To find out more or to download, head on over to application page!

[Paul (MVP): Edited for News]

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