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HTC Dual - Bluetooth Headset and WMP11 problems

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Just upgraded from a c600 to a Touch Dual and have 2 irritating problems.

1. The first is that although I successful pair with my Anycom stereo headset, I can only take calls on it, when I play music, it comes out via the phone, not th headset! I can't find an option to change profile to headset.

2. WMP11 doesn't see my phone, so I can't sync it to get my music and playlists on the card. Activesync works fine. but both WMP10 and 11 don't.

Any ideas?

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There is a fix for 2. from MS, can't seem to find it right now tho! Doh!


There's a Vista Hotfix, but not an XP one!

Now I've gone back to problem number one not working! A2DP Toggle isn't fully working so the headset isn't working in stereo again!

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