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kaiser or trinity (has to be orange) which is best

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Hi all,

Both my wife and I have spv m600 phones and are both due for an upgrade.

quite liked the spv m700 but could not get onerom orange direct (stopped doing them)

so went to bluewater orange shop today and they had two in stock but wanted £50 per handset!

I have a real issue with paying for handsets so was tempted to walk out. they then said that we could get £100 cashback for each of our m600's

I also have an old m500 that I use purely for sat nav.

so I then tried to talk to orange (150) into getting the shopto be a bit more flexible. they explained that the shops are franchises and they have no control over them.

she then offered me the 2 kaisers freeof charge.

haveing researched the 700 alot and really liking it i am now really confused!!!

the wife will keep hers bog standard I will probably use a cooked rom to get rid of the orange gunk.

whats the best feeling on the best phone to get

really will only be using it as a office pda and a phone and for sat nav

if i cant get orange direct to give me the cash back then i may go with one of each (thus getting the £100 cash back)

we can then both fight over the phones

really i need to know what is the best phoe to get though

Aplogies if this is wrong but have also posted this in the kaiser forum- hope thats ok

many thanks


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