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Hey everyone!

After 2 days of trying to connect my phone over WiFi I finally found that the error was on the router's side , however now it's working fine but there's one thing I can't figure out:

How do I know if it's using WLAN or 3G? I mean even if I have 1GB free 3G transfer from my operator I'd rather save them when I'm home or at the university hooked up to a WiFi-network.

When I connect the phone just shows the WLAN icon next to the battery meter and that's it. Does it route all connections over WLAN when it can, or must I make some kind of setting? I mean IE and Messenger works over both, so they could be using either without me knowing.


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The default configuration for Windows Mobile is to use WiFi in priority to the internal radio (GPRS etc). If I'm feeling paranoid though I do make sure the Data Connection is off in Comm Manager!

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