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The m-JAYS music adapter mini review

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I have been using my HTC MTeoR as a music player since day one and as we all know the HTC stereo headset doesn’t provide very good sound, so I have been using the HTC Y Cable (11pin to 5pin +3.5mm) for almost a year with a pair of KOSS portaPro. I have been pleased with the sound but two things haven’t been so good. The obvious one is that I haven’t been able to answer calls without unplugging the cable. The second problem is that the Y cable is pretty stiff so I found it a bit irritating to have the phone in my pocket with the Y cable attached. A while ago I found this music adapter from JAYS so I figured I would give it a try. It fits all HTC phones with the extUSB connector, it has a microphone with answer button and a 3.5mm female stereo plug. Here's my mini review!

The adapter comes in a very nice box with plenty information of what’s inside. (btw, click any of the images to enlarge!)

mjay1.jpg mjay2.jpg

What’s in the box then? The adapter of course (1), a mono headphone (2), two different sized silicon sleeves (3) and a manual (4).

Now for the closeups. The clip on the answer button is made of metal by the way! The adapter is also pictured attached to my HTC MTeoR.

mjay3.jpg mjay4.jpg

So what's it like?

The whole package gives a nice impression and the quality of everything in the box is high. Naturally the included mono headphone isn’t very good for listening to music but still the sound is very clear and it is definitely good enough for making phone calls. There are three different sizes of silicon sleeves for the earphone. Medium is attached, small and large are supplied in the box. The answer button has a nice click, one click to answer and one to hang up. The microphone appears to be high quality and picks up sound without distortions.

I have been testing the adapter with both j-JAYS earphones and KOSS portaPro and I am very pleased. The sound is very clear both while listening to music and while making phone calls.

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Nice work Roox!

If you don't have any objections i'd like to resize the pics and move to the front page?


No problem, go ahead :)

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