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comm manager short cut

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Hi all,

is there a way toget the comms manager up on either a button, shortcut or on the menu?

had a look on the phone and cannot see a way.

would preferr it to be assigned to one of the buttons if possible


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This was one of those silly problems with the Trinity!

You need to go into File Explorer (or better still buy Resco File Explorer, which is much more fully featured and allows you to see the file extensions!) and navigate to the Windows folder. Look for a file called CommManager.exe (this is why you need to see the file extensions, as there are a few 'commmanager' files.

When you have located it, tap/hold its name till the context menu comes up, then Copy.

Now navigate to the Windows/Start Menu/Programs folder and tap Menu/Edit/Paste Shortcut. Once done, you should be able to select Comm Manager from Start/Programs. Assuming that works, you can then assign of of the hardware buttons to it using Settings/Buttons. There are only 2 assignable buttons on the Trinity I used to assign Comm Manager to the Press & Hold of Button 2 (I think!)

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