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No longer ringing on incoming calls

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I have a MDA Touch from T-Mobile. About a week ago, I noticed it no longer rings on incoming calls. I haven't changed any settings. All other notifications are fine, new email, sms, reminders etc.

Under the notification settings I have ring and vibrate on incoming call. I have noticed when I press preview the phone does ring but it's alot quieter compared to all the other notifications. When someone rings me, all the phone does is vibrate. If I change the setting to ring only, the phone doesn't do anything apart from the visual.

A google search found one person with the same problem, someone suggested removing any file associations to any ring tone files, mp3, wma etc. This hasn't helped me.

Anyone have a similar problem or suggestions before I reluctantly hard reset it?


edit: the volume is definitely turned up.

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Have you tried using a standard (built-in) ringtone? Is that any louder?

There is a registry setting which controls the volume and "style" of the ring - things like "ring at vol 1, pause, ring, vibrate" etc.

You'd have to search for it because I don't know where it lives.

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Thanks for the reply, I had tried standard ringtones and some of my files on the phone memory and memory card.

Anyway, I've fixed it.

The external volume left hand slider seems to control all notifications and speaker volume. The right hand incall volume slider seems to control incall volume and incoming call ringtone. Strange.

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