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Asus M930 Shows it's Tiny Face!

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We picked up on the M930 from Asus a few weeks ago, and despite its interesting laptop-esque form factor were disapointed at the missed opportunity after seeing the oddly small 400x240 portrait internal screen. This week the first real photos of the device have emerged after a series of Asus press events showed the device off.

From the look of the full set of images (see the 'read' link) it looks to be roughly the size of a Kaiser, although not as wide. The internal screen looks usable, yet dwarfed by the blank plastic either side. [o]How about some EEE-styled stereo speakers here Asus?[/o] The keyboard itself actually looks like it could be quite usable, the proof will be in the pudding of course, though!

Tipped to be available from Q2 2008, it's likely to cost between €500-600, presumably before network subsidies (assuming its taken on!).

(More pics after the jump...)[/teaser]

thumb_06-Feb-2008_m930closed.jpg thumb_06-Feb-2008_m930open2.jpg

thumb_06-Feb-2008_m930touch.jpg thumb_06-Feb-2008_m930treo.jpg

[TamsWMS] via [Coolsmartphone]

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I've seen some prelim shots of this device a few weeks back and wondered the same thing. Why do something like this. You cant compete with mobiles of similar design useing the proper amount of real estate for the screen. It just isn't worth the trouble to put out something like this.

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