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"Invalid SIM," Hardware issue on S620!

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So about a week ago I started getting "Invalid SIM" from my Dash. It would stop me from using my phone for calls and texts completely. A few days ago I went to a T-Mo store, got a new SIM card, activated it from CC. It worked for about a day, and then it started giving me the same error. Initially, I figured it was the SIM because I also put in my brothers SIM and it worked (for the short amount of time) perfectly fine. So after my new SIM also gave me problems, i did a hard reset.

Now, here and there I'll lose service and get it back after 2-3 seconds, and I'll also get the "Invalid SIM" from time to time. I took it upon myself and put a thick piece of paper on top of the sim card, getting it closer to the phones body, and switched it on and it still gave me the same problem. My only two options now are either to sell it on eBay (which I prefer not to since I'm sure someone out there can fix it easily and would therefore be a steal for them), or somehow get a hardware piece of some sort to fix it. I called HTC and they said it's most likely a hardware issue with the SIM card holder. Any ideas for what I should do?

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Do try cleaning the SIM with a pencil eraser and note my comments made on XDA...

"Happened to me when I got a T-Mobile PAYG SIM last week to trial for data coverage.

Popped SIM in and worked well.

I then tried a Vodafone Sim and that was ok.

When I put the T-Mobile SIM back in - I got the message "no SIM found"

Tried Orange and Vodafone and they both gave the same message !

I was not convinced the SIM'S were making good contact - there seemed too much movement under the flimsy metal crossbar.

The solution to get the T-Mobile and other SIM's working was to insert a small piece of paper on top the SIM as you slide it under the metal crossbar.

This puts a little bit of extra padding on top of the SIM to help make decent contact.

I suppose the paper could be put on top of the crossbar instead to achieve the same effect but have not tried this"

I would try again - even with a thicker paper strip.

Hope this helps.



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About the pencil eraser, I've changed my SIM twice already and it still gives me the same problem, which means obviously that it's the phone. I'll give it another try with a thicker piece of paper, although I doubt it will work.

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