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So I finally moved in to the WinMo6 world by getting the Dash the other night from T-Mobile. First off, I love this thing! Although I have an issue with call quality right now, I get a high pitched tone in some of my calls. :)

Anyway, so I edited a homescreen as I did for my old WinMo5 (Cingular 2125) device for the software I have:

  • Fizz Traveller
  • Oxios Tasks
  • T-Mobiles MyFaves

I had it working, made one more change and copied the file to my phone only to have the file no longer appear in the list. What happened and have I made a mistake in the file?

I commented out the MyFaves plugin thinking that was my problem... it didn't help.

EDIT found my mistake, had a tag missing

Edited by Zeke009

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