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Dash Video Help

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I don't know if this is going to be possible but I'll ask anyway and see if anyone can help -

I'd like to encode some videos so that they play back okay on the Dash AND on a PC as well.

Here's the deal - I have a spare 2gig card. I'd like to put nothing but vids on this card. I'd like to have the option of watching these vids on my Dash... AND/OR if I happen to be with someone who has a laptop or something... copy the vids over AND play back on the larger screen.

Is there a happy medium by which I can encode some vids so they play back okay on BOTH devices? I don't need them perfect on both... like I said - happy medium is fine.

Any help with recard to encoding settings in order to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

I'd like to fit 4 or 5 movies at least on my card. More, obviously better... but I understand if that's not possible given my desired use.


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for a really easy way to get media from ur comp to your dash is www.orb.com

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