MWC 2008: Samsung announces SGH-i200 Smartphone - now with video hands on

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PaulOBrien    1,450


Although not covered in the Samsung Press Conference, it IS in the Press Kit, so therefore Samsung have officially announced the SGH-i200 Smartphone!

Deets are very thin on the ground currently (and i'll update this post as more info surfaces), however specs include:


- 2MP Camera

- 2.3" QVGA screen

- Windows Mobile 6 Standard

- 116.7 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm

I've posted the press shot and also a sizeasy size comparison below (after the jump for news page readers!) Edit: Now with video hands on! Device DEFINITELY doesn't have WiFi, and is quite a nice, simple Smartphone! I am pretty sure this was running WinMo 6.1, but with the 'About' page removed...

Enjoy! :)




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Jakob    0

YES... Finally... A PHONE and not a crappy QWERTY device.. Even though a bit wide and a bit long.


Samsung just made my day (or my year)

But WTF´s up with the lack of WiFi??


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mstephenson    0

Don't suppose there is any info on prices just yet? If not, do we at least know what price category it could fall under, the budget end perhaps? I quite like the looks of this but not sure if i'd sacrifice my S710 for it, more thinking it'd be good as a back-up option if relatively cheap.

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dutchphoto    0
What is this phone's CPU speed? Has that information been released?

Well yesterday I got hold of one. It seems to be a 240 MHz cpu(ARM9260EJ-S) with a 264MHz Nomadik STn8810 multimedia cpu.

Indeed a very nice device but basic.

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