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MWC 2008: Microsoft releases MSN Direct Technology Preview for Windows Mobile Standard

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You remember MSN Direct? No? You remember those SPOT watches that Microsoft made quite a play about a few years back? Sort of? Well, although the SPOT watch concept seems to be failing somewhat due to lack of interest in the US and regulatory issues in Europe, MSN Direct as a service lives on the with the release of the MSN Direct Technology Preview for Windows Mobile Standard.

So what is it? Basically, it's a way of bringing information 'channels' to your device, in an easy to use app or directly on your today screen, be that news, weather, sports or whatever interests you. It's easy to use, FREE and also coming to Professional devices soon.

To find out more and download, head on over to http://phone.msndirect.com!


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Just tried it.. the down side is that it badly integrates into what-ever homescreen is loaded

during the install (not all homescreen are designed to use MS's modular layout), why dosent

it just create its own homescreen.. It also has to be run from the homescreen plugin and

cant be launched as a separate start menu application, in case you dont want it on the


On the plus is looks a tad better than what MS usually does and introduces a new softkey

layout (three buttons instead of two) that seems like a nice change not wasting too

much screen space, similar to some Asian phones..

But why oh! Why? does MS bother keep churning out half backed solutions, they own the OS!!

update it, integrate it, make solutions that work together rather than ones that feel like theyve

been welded together in the same way as second hand cars.. from a usability prospective and

a long time MS supporter i have to admit that the iPhone is kicking MS left right and centre, in

terms of providing a simple consistent UI..

Common MS!! its not rocket science, simplicity and consistency not half backed solutions. If you

don’t have the in house expertise, hire an undergrad they'll probably do a better job..

enough ranting, hers waiting for WM7.. or the next iPhone..

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