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Shadow Crashed and won't turn on, at all

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I hate this to be my first post on here after signing up a while ago, but I hate to have a brick on my hands.

Last night, I was logging into the t-mobile aim program (had the phone for 3 weeks and been too lazy to install a good chat program), and the Shadow crashed. It tried to reboot a few times, unsuccessfully, and I eventually just yanked the battery and let the phone sit in my pocket while I was at a bar. I put the battery back in when I got home, plugged in the wall charger, but noticed that the charging light didn't turn on at all. Went to sleep anyways. Upon this morning, the phone still won't turn on.

Anybody got any ideas?

I don't have access to a multimeter right now, so I can't check the charge on the battery, but I can assume it might still be dead. The phone not charging on external power puzzles me though. I have it hooked up via usb to my laptop right now, and same effect. No charge, no response to powering up.

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Hate to ask this but did you put the battery the right side?

yea, the battery is properly installed.

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Put the battery back in and plug it to the wall charger. Leave it for 30 minutes.

See if the charging light comes up.

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