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web (browser) app with 'offline' mode and local persistence?

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Hi All,

I have had a google for info on this Question but can’t seem to find much, certainly not very formal documentation or examples anyway.

I therefore hope someone (developer / T.A or such) can point me in the right direction! I have the following (Windows Mobile) PDA development requirement. In a nutshell, I want to create a browser-based application [not custom-UI] which writes to a local (SQL Server Mobile edition) database and then sends the information as and when a GPRS connection is available.

Could some kind soul tell me if this is possible? I know on a standard PC this would be tricky for security reasons (i.e. browser being sand-boxed) but hopefully there is an approach to allow a browser to run off local cached web pages and save to its local file-system (db)

Looking forward to any info! :)



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no-one got any knowledge / advice????

You might want to look at Google Gears. Provides local persistence when offline and also synch's back to your website when you go online.

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I don't think what you suggest will work. Gears may be a good option as suggested, else you'll need to write a 'real' app.


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