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Ending a contract

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Say if i was to buy a handset and decided i i didnt want the contract would i be able to cancel the contract say 1 month in aslong as i was to pay the remaing off. :)

Also do orange still do 14 day returns on there handsets allowing me to send the phone back and cancel the contract before the 14days are over?

Sorry not ben on contract for years but cant it any longer for the i780 but dont really fancy a contract and would much prefer to pay it all off.

Is this possible and would they allow it so early on into the contract do you think?


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No reason why not - but why? It just means youhave paid your year in advance (assuming a 12 month contract) so would still be entitled to any free mins / texts I would have thought.

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its extremely highly unlikely you'll get a phone on contract and pay off the contact for less than it would cost to just buy the phone (the network have to make some money somewhere)

if all you want is the phone and not the contract, you really are better off just buying the phone sim free and outright - theres no branding then either

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