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Fix SLOOOOWW scrolling in PIE

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I have been having a read of the XDA forums and came across this. Installed it. soft reset.

and man what a difference to scrolling in PIE! its like night and day. Improved PIE and its usability 10 fold. Now I am able to scroll up and down large pages with ease and not have to experience the laggy effects that my t mobile touch plus was trying to force on me. If you do not know what i am talking about try scrolling through a large page i.e. long when it hasn't finished loading or If you have pocket plus 4 and the smart scrolling enabled try scrolling with this before and after.

The full thread is here




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That work pretty good - almost too good! Fast!

Glad it works for you. Ive added this to the sticky post free nike applications at the top


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