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Display/backlighting problems after WM6 install

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I recently installed WM6 and like it (especially after I got everything working again!).

I have made adjstments to the time for my display and backlighting time outs (to conserve battery) through Settings/Power Management screen.

The settings (on battery) are display and backlighting both off after 30 seconds.

These settings are not consistently being implemented by the phone.

When the phone is locked and I unlock it, the display comes on, but not the backlighting (very annoying). If I push enought other buttons eventually backlighting comes on.

Right now, phone is unlocked. When I press a button (say center silver button), display and backlighting come on but only for 5 seconds and then both go off.

Finally, if I go back into Settings/Power Management (and don't even change any settings) and then back to home, I get 30 seconds of display and backlighting.

Press silver button again and everything is good for 30 seconds.

So, in summary when I go from phone locked to unlocked mode, the phone forgets my current 30 second settings and uses 5 seconds (too short for me).

If I go to Power Management it resets to 30 seconds and says theere until I lock again (which I like to do when phone is not in use).

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but I thought it might help the diagnosis.

Everything else is now working great on the phone (including voice commander which is handy for hands free).


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