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LED notification for an event / Task

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Dear all!

I have a problem with my HTC Touch LED notification. It works fine for misses SMS, calls, there it blicks red even it the screen turns off.

But it does not work properly for reminders that I had set for reminders that I had set in the calender or in the taks.

The following happens:

-The reminder message comes on to the screen... and the LED blinks red, until the screen turns off then it changes to green again?!?

-The strange thing it that sometimes is stays red, even it the screen switched off, but that very rarely!!!!

I also using the SBSH PhoneWeaver, but this should not be the problem, because it does also not work even before I installed the programm.

Under System, Sound and Notifications I had set reminders without a time limit?

Thanks for your help!!!

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