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HTC touch - Themes not installing

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I've downloaded some new themes for my new Touch from https://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/dom...es/default.mspx

This gives me a .tsk file which I download to a folder, use active-sync, transfer it onto my Touch,

go through file explorer, locate the .tsk file and click it. (The display changes to show the list of available themes)

I click through from the start screen to the Today option from Settings. BUT my theme is not there as an option.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is happening? or going wrong?

(I took back the handset I had since it seemed to be connecting to things randomly and downloading data when I wasn't watching - 2ndly when it went to 'sleep' there were several random times that I couldn't get it to wake up and eventually had to remove the battery to get it to do anything. SO Far with the new handset, nothing like that is happening.)

The 1st handset did install themes. On the replacement, I DID manage to put one theme on and get it to self install. I deleted it so that I could start again (after I'd failed to get anything else to self install.) NOW I can't get it to go back on! D'oh!

Any suggestions ?

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You need to paste the .tsk file in either \Windows, or the root of your Storage Card.

then select it as above :D

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Yeah you don't need to do anything with the tsk other than put it in your required directory, then it will be available under Start>Settings>Today

A cab file is used for installing software or applying registry tweaks, some people package Smartphone themes in the form of cab files, but all PPC they are always in tsk format.

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