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TomTom6 & Using Phone Simultaneously

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Weird problem this one - used TomTom 6 for the first time on my Touch Dual yesterday and had a couple of issues was wondering if someone could help me out. I was using it with the TomTom Bluetooth Receiver (MkII) and TomTom itself worked like a charm. However, when I received a call, via my Jabra Bluetooth headset, things went a bit weird. On my old Hermes the call information would pop up and then TomTom would be displayed again, just muted, whilst in the call. With the Touch Dual, the call screen remained and then refused to hang the call up when finished.

This is quite an annoyance and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

As an aside, watch out for the Brodit mount for this phone. I've always used them in the past, but, when inserting the phone, it pushes the camera button - most annoying!

Thanks for any help,


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what version of tomtom 6 are you runnning?

Tomtom did have a bit of an issue with this 1 on 6.01, not known this issue on 6.03 or 6.033

Only other time ive noticed something similar to this is when people have incorrectly paired headsets to gps ports e.g. inbound com 6

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