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Will this bluetooth access point work with this phone

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I am planning to get Moto Q9h from att and I am looking to find a way to get online on the phone only at home. I am not trying to tether it to my laptop so I get get online on my laptop.

I just want to be able to use the browser on the phone, and hopefully other functions through my home wireless internet.

I know I can do this by activesync pass through, but I do not want to have the pc on all the time. I was looking for a small device for this purpose and found the following. I need your opinion on if it will work. I guess for what I want, I need to choose the PAN profile on the phone. Does Moto Q9h have PAN profile? If not, which phone supports blutooth Pan profile that will work with the following device.

Thank you.

I found this bluetooth gateway.

BTAP-B is a Bluetooth Access Point and Router. It provides best price/performance wireless solution. Through Bluetooth wireless connections, several PCs can share a single high-speed ADSL or Cable modem connection for fast internet access at home or in the office. Simple and straightforward design makes this Bluetooth Access Point and Router extremely cost effectively.

Bluetooth v1.1 compliance

Supports Personal Area Networking (PAN) profile

Routing/Bridging Functions: Two operation modes: Routing mode(default) and Bridging modeRouting mode provides three functions : Fixed-IP¡BPPPoE¡BDHCPBridging mode provides Bluetooth PAN-to-Ethernet bridgingWeb-based configuration utility

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