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HTC P3600 Accessories

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Can someone point me to a reputable dealer selling HTC P3600 / Orange SPV M700 accessories.

I`m looking for a USB Cradle and a Wall Charger as well as screen protectors and things.

There are so many dealers out there its hard to know which ones are selling quality products and not cheap imitation rip offs.

The main reason I ask is that I have just bout an SPV M700 from E Bay and the seller did not include a wall charger, although it was listed. They admitted thier error and promptly ordred one and had it delivered to my house, well its turned up and its has a sticker on it "For C500" which is an old HTC / Orange product and I don`t want to plug my new phone into it!!! Its clearly from another E Bay Seller no invoice nothing!!

Made in China Output DC 4.2 - 10v!!


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I used to have an E200 (Pre C500) until I lost it. I've since used the charger as a spare for my C500, C550, M600 and now M700.

Never had a single problem.

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