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Vista Enterprise / Ultimate

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after updating the Shift to Vista Enterprise Editon or Ultimate (with and without SP1 and all updates) the touch screen does not work.

On the Snapvue side the touch screen works without a problem, also after reseting to business (HTC Image) the touch screen works again.

Does anyone know, why the touch screen is not recognized within the Enterprise and Ultimate version ?

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Yes, this is correct, the pen device isn’t there.

I have tried already these procedures to get the driver installed (all without success):

- Rerun the c:\Program Files\HTC\AI_VISTA\Setup.exe

- Modified the setup HTCMEDIA.ini and enabled driver installation

- Exported all drivers with DriverMax in working condition (business) reapplied under ultimate version.

- Installed thru the device manager using the htcpen.inf

And finally I ask HTC Support, they gave me this answer (not a sollution 4 me)

Dear Customer,

We can not send the drivers yet because only the developers team in Taiwan has got them and they are not redistributing them at the moment. However, you should be able to go back to Vista Business if you perform a "hard reset". When you switch on the shift, if you press and hold FN key and then the number 3, it will show up a recovery utility which should take your device back to factory default settings.

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This is more complicated.

I wrotte about this here:


Firstime - You must use both programs together (Driver Genius + DriverMAX)!

I agree that HTC support answers about drivers are horrible.

It is magic circle: Ask devloper - ask manufakturer - ask developer....


I contacted maker of WiFi card and his answer is:

For Drivers:

The only approved drivers that Marvell releases to end-users are located on our website:


If the driver you are looking for is not here, then we do not provide it.

The drivers that are located on our website are the only support we provide to end-users.

If you have any other support needs, you should contact the manufacturer of your computer.

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