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SPV M700 - The Dogs Cahoona`s

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Just to let anyone that`s interested know, I have had my SPV M700 for a couple of weeks now and imo its the absolute dogs cahoona`s -this phone absolutely kicks butt.

I am so impressed I want another one!!!

As I`m a PAYG man I got mine on E Bay advertised as "NEW" I was a bit aprehensive but now I have it my fears have subsided. It definately appeared to be new and was still locked to ORANGE so my Orange PAYG SIM Card worked a treat. It also came with the usual ORANGE SPV M700 package, which I can safely say I am most impressed with. In the short time I have had it I can say the following:


Windscreen Mount - Very well made and uses a mechanical suction device to stick to the screen that a Cat Burglar wishing to climb a glass office building would proud of.

Built in GPS - Something that not a lot of sales people know about, but the built in GPS is a fantastic added feature, I have installed Tomtom 6 with celbrety voices and its brilliant. Stay away from Orange own version unless you have an unlimited data package!!

Mobile Office Applications - For someone like me who uses MS Office Daily Word and Exel are a real bonus to have to hand.

Touch Screen - I knew this was a stylus operated device but never having had one before did not know that the whole thing was touch operated, apart from the obvious buttons of course - who needs an HTC Touch "Which got bad reviews" or an IPhone.

Adaptability - So far I have installed some extra games "Minesweeper / Tetris" and a couple of utilities "Cleartemp - a temp file remover / Total Commander - an alternative file explorer, both excellent Freeware applications.


Camera - Reading reviews about this phone before I bought it I was actually quite impressed with the Camera - having read that its not the best 2MP camera. Photos taken in natural light are very impresssive but indoors is a little shady, but if I`m indoors I`ll take my camera!!

Car Charger - Groovy Blue LED "I Love Blue LED`s"


Screen Cover - The supplied screen protector is useable but not brilliant, it slightly smaller than the screen and I positioned mine towards the bottom left wich means the areas that I mostly hit with the stylus are only just covered - there are better ones on the market. But at least Orange supply you with one.

Speaker - The sound output is pretty crappy quality, its listenable but not great - I have heard that there is a 3rd Party software patch "BASS FIX" or something which I am going to look for.

All in all a very impressive phone!!

Thanks to HTC for the phone and to ORANGE for throwing the package together.


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I got one of the refurb ones from Orange.

Unfortunately I didn't get any of the accessories with it just the phone and a charger.

But I agree with all that you have said, The phone is really good.

I am using mine with Tom Tom and a program called Memory Map which both use the inbuilt GPS, The only gripe is that Memory map takes too long to get a fix between 90secs and 2 mins but Tom Tom takes about 30 secs??

The screen updates much faster than what i have seen on a mates Touch Dual, with the maps scrolling on Sat Nav software as smooth as you like.

The only thing I am missing is the phone pad software that used to be on my M500, much easier for SMS than taking out the stylus and typing!! Does anyone know how to get this installed on WM5?

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