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How to add Smart Monitor plugin

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I've got a little problem and i hope you can help me :D

I'd like to add a smart monitor plugin to this homescreen:


i think in bottom...

I dont mean only to add figures but for example like in this Vista Black by DjOuBhAa


and i have no idea what to put in XML file to make it working...

this is how it looks like

<?xml version="1.0" ?>






<default target-width="240" target-height="320" font-face="Segoe" font-size="19" font-weight="normal" padding-left="4" padding-right="4" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#000000" padding-top="2" b-border-color="transparent" b-border-width="0">

<format state="selected" fgcolor="#000000" />


<background bgimage="superbike.jpg" valign="top" />

  <!-- Color Scheme -->


				<color name="COLOR_WINDOW" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_WINDOWTEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_STATIC" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_STATICTEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHT" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_TEXTSELECT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_MENU" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_MENUTEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_GRAYTEXT" value="#CCCCCC" />

		<color name="COLOR_GRADLEFT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_GRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_INTGRADLEFT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_INTGRADRIGHT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADRIGHT" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADLEFT" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_HIGHGRADRIGHT" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_TRAYTEXT" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_WINDOWFRAME" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_BTNFACE" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_BTNTEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_SCROLLBAR" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_HOMETEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT" value="#F9D554" />

		<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#000000" />

		<color name="COLOR_HOMERULE" value="#B8B8B8" />

		<color name="COLOR_alertWINDOW" value="#FFFFFF" />

		<color name="COLOR_alertTITLE" value="#444444" />

		<color name="COLOR_alertRULE" value="#000000" />


  <!-- Iconbar Plugin -->

<plugin clsid="{B06A8DAB-E148-40d5-BE8F-3C494ABF3046}" name="iconbar" height="27" orientation="s">

	 <background b-border-width="0">


	<iconbar bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" y="0" x="0"/>


  <!-- Date/Carrier/Time Plugin -->

<plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{E09043DF-510E-4841-B652-388316977A7A}" height="49">

<label bgcolor="transparent" halign="left" font-weight="normal" y="-2" x="1" w="240" font-size="16"  fgcolor="#FFFFFF">




<time font-weight="bold" font-size="31" bgtext="transparent" halign="center" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" mode="24" y="20" x="-79,5" w="240"/>

<date font-weight="normal" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" font-size="16" valign="top" halign="left" mode="short" y="2" x="164" w="240" />



  <!-- SMS/Email Plugin -->

<plugin clsid="{2F930BF0-6FE9-4a53-9E17-88E9247BAB48}" name="SMScount" height="109" width="240">

<background b-border-width="0">


<label y="90" x="138">

<format state="unselected" halign="left" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" font-weight="normal" font-size="16" />

<format state="selected" halign="left" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" font-weight="bold" font-size="16" />

<text>.:MMS: <unreadEmail /></text>


<label y="90" x="41">

<format state="unselected" halign="left" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" font-weight="normal" font-size="16" />

<format state="selected" halign="left" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="#FFFFFF" font-weight="bold" font-size="16" />

<text>.:SMS: <unreadSMS /></text>




Here is wallpaper if you need it


thx in advance.

Edited by ascorpion

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