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Ofir Daniel

My Troubles with i780

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I have just purchased a unit in Thailand, BKG, last week.

I managed to brick it after 2 hours of play, of course tongue.gif...

But now I got it revived with the ROM posted in this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=380723

I am still having some major issues with it:

  • uSIM is not working on the device, the phone is getting switched on and off without being able to connect to my 3G network. The funny thing is that SIM cards work just fine.
  • GPS is not functioning, I played with GPS gate and all sorts of configurations, but neither Google maps nor iGo "see" my GPS.
  • Resolution issues: igO always opens as a small square filling just part of the screen, therefore cannot be used. RealVGA with 96dpi didn't help here....
  • Not all applications function, such as spB Plus v2, it cannot even launch on this device - why?

The details of my device are:

PDA: i780DXHA1


I will apprecate every support, I stil have faith in this one...

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1. I use a 3G euro sim without any issue. Even HSDPA works much better on this phone compared to my old SGH-I600

2. goto settings - system - gps advanced. Enable XTRA and download now XTRA data. Now open google maps and enable GPS. If it popup a message like "finding gps(0)" it means that it found the gps and is looking for satellites (the '(0) is actually the number of satellites found)

3. applications need to be compatible with 320x320

4. many users reported issue with specially spB apps on this device.


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1) I have HSDPA enables, that's not an issue, but it just doesn't pick up the SIM, what ROM are you using?

2) When doing so, I am getting a message that it "will be charged" ?? and then it tries to connect to somehwere but actually ends up with a message: "Unable to access network. Please try again". This happens even when I am connected to WIFI and can browse sites in IE...

3)How do you know this? is there a list...? BTW, not I set RealVGA to 96dpi - much better :-)

4) Is there a place to find SW compatible for this device then?

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1. PDA i780XIHA7 - TEL. i780XIHA7. If your sim is not recognized then you cannot download XTRA at point 2...

2. you need to solve the issue with the sim first

3. I removed RealVGA.. it gived me too much issue with many applications (S2U2, PqzII) and doesn't solve the issue of the size of the screen

4. not that I've already found... the only option is to check and ask on i780 specialized forums

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Thanks for the replies.

1) Can you extract your ROM somehow and share it? I am feeling quite uselss without 3G sim.

1.1) do you think it can be related to the selection of operator in the setting tab, mine isn't showing there ?

2) Can you post some links of this "specialized forums"?

3) What does AGPS mean? why does it cost money to use? can't we use it like a standard GPS?

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1. look for it on xda developers, there is an image already extracetd. It's in the 'unbrick' thread

1.1. No, unless you did not configured your system for GPRS/UMTS data connection under system - connections

2. google xda and after reaching the forum do a search for i780

3. It means that instead of waiting for minutes for a cold start of GPS lock it will use GPRS to calculate your position with the same traingulation that google maps uses for the 'my location' feature. This means that the GPS lock normally takes few seconds instead of minutes and is pretty faster specially with a cold start.

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