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Mark Ludgate

HTC Touch and Blackberry Connect

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I have a Touch and my company email is via Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

I hate Blackberry devices which is my company standard so decided to go buy a Touch.

I am struggling with getting the Blackberry connect to work the error is constantly "Pin Pending" with no connection.

I have read other forums who talk about issues but not found any solutions

Has anyone got this to work?

My mobile network is O2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Dont have an answer for you i'm afraid, but i do sympathise as i'm in more or less the same boat. My company insists i have a Blackberry, but i hate it too - to big and cumbersome and i dont like the user interface either. I have a Touch for my personal use, which i love. I was thinking of swapping the sims over so i could access my work email on my Touch, but decided against it as i thought there would be problems. I'd be interested to hear if you manage to sort this though.

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