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256 icons cap & voyager file protection

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Is there a way to break the limit on icons so that you can go beyond 256 colors.. 16bit with proper alpha channel. I'm swapping out the icons with my own creations but the limit to 256 colors really sucks. I don't see why I can't make my 9h look at good as the iPhone (which is all about the high-res icons.. and I could if I did not have this limit, heh).

Also, is there a Voyager file-browser app for WM6? The version/.cab I got didnt let me install & I can't find anything else. I'd like to kill some of the files in \Windows that are large & I dont need anymore (for example, startup & shutdown 3G graphic/animation that are almost a meg each & I killed those from the registry from showing up at all on startup or shutdown) but I cant modify the permission/file properties.

If there is an alternative to Voyager, please suggest :D


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