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i780 and Gear4 BT Bluphones

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Hi any other i780 users out there,

I have had my i780 for about 6 weeks now and am pretty pleased with it apart from a few WM6 irritations.

Last week I decided to buy a set of Bluetooth headphones because I am sick of the amount of cables I have to carry around and this seemed like the ideal solution (and we all live in an ideal world of course...)

So hunting around the local electronics store here in Paris I came across Gear4 Bluephones which looked ideal. Charged them up, connected them, and virtually no problems at all with them. They play my podcasts very nicely and keep out the métro noises in the morning!

Now comes the problem: If the phones are playing a podcast and I get an incoming call, the phone duly vibrates and the headphones play a beeping noise and I get a notification on the screen with a 'answer/ignore' option.

The answer button on the headset does nothing.

The screen is locked presumably because the BT should be doing the a


Even after the caller has given up (and I have impressed the locals with my English and French swearwords), the headset continues to beep at me....and the screen message (covering 9/10ths of the screen) is still locked. The i780 has not locked up because I can call up the main menu, for example - but I can't do anything with it unless I can access the bits around the very edges!

The only method I have found to escape this is to power down the phone and restart it - and power down the headset permanently.

Anyone else come up with a similar problem? And preferably a fix?

I have an Orange (France) phone with French version of WM6.



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